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National Geographic award-winning travel filmmaker and digital nomad specialising in adventure video with a passion for nature and storytelling. As well as directing, shooting and editing travel content – I lead a team of talented freelance filmmakers based all around the world, creating high-quality inspirational videos for multiple markets.   I also work for Skyscanner.net, developing the brand’s travel video marketing strategy + managing freelance videographers to cover more destinations at scale. 

In my spare time I co-run one of Italy’s most popular travel blogs TheLostAvocado by Sara Izzi, a very gifted writer and photographer. For The Lost Avocado I manage all video content and film discovery journey travel series called “Lost In” which have been featured on National Geographic, Condé Nast Traveller, Forbes, Outside Magazine, El Pais ,The Huffington Post, Fubiz and many other smaller publications & blogs.

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“Lost in Kyrgyzstan” My latest video,  Winner of the National Geographic Traveller 2017 photography competition in video category.

 National GeographicOutside Magazine,        Condé Nast TravellerThe Huffington Post ,                 &  El Pais
Featured in Press

“Lost in Cuba” (Latest Video)  I invite you to look into the lives of some of the incredible people that I was lucky to meet on this beautiful island.

Video of the Week  National Geographic + El Pais 
Featured in Press

In the past I had the pleasure to work on video/animation & web projects with companies such as BBC Scotland, Channel 4, Scottish government, Hilton, MTP productions, the Leith Agency & others.


“Lost in Rotterdam” video above created for the Italian blog has been shared by Vimeo on its Facebook and twitter.


My main work focus is to try to capture the raw beauty of a specific location. I hope to inspire people to stop for a moment and see something that perhaps will make them want to travel, create or experience art, learn about another culture or just smile for a second. Any of these things would make me feel that I’ve done something worth spending my time on

As a hobby I enjoy sketching, digital painting, web & graphic design.  My Software knowledge: Adobe Premiere,After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, Mudbox, Sketchbook, Lightroom, Boujou camera tracking, Z-brush & Flash.

If you want to learn about Travel Filmmaking, I’ve recently launched a Travel Filmmaking YouTube Channel where i’ll be talking about my current and past travel adventures, breaking down the edits from my films and sharing the stories behind every scene.


I’m a Glasgow School of Art graduate with a master’s degree in 3D animation and visual effects
I speak Spanish, Russian, English and currently learning Italian.

+ I Love cats despite the allergy

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“Be realistic, demand the impossible!”
Ernesto Che Guevara